Monday, 13 January 2014

We need to be Bored!

Has anyone found lately that their kids need constant stimulation? There's this constant need to do this or that or have this or go there or make this draw that. I think I need to let my kids become bored.
I mean my eldest LOVES drawing and wants to draw all the time. I'm not saying I want to stop her from doing something she loves, it's just sometimes I think she, and her sister, need to not be doing anything. Sure they will go outside and dig in the dirt and discover bugs and what not. Those are the times when they are occupied for hours on end. When I set up some craft or we watch an episode or two of Charlie and Lola or we go to the park or some other more structured activity, that's when they want more, and more, and more.
Maybe it's just been the craziness and business of Christmas. There's constantly something to do or get done because you have that Christmas deadline. I don't know, but I think for the rest of this week I'm going to try doing less. Let them get bored and leave them to their own (supervised) devices. I think the guilt will be hard to battle for me. I feel like a bad mother if I'm not taking them to the park or baking or cooking or crafting or something with them. But if they don't learn to use their ingenuity and to occupy themselves sometimes, well that is a skill a want them to have. I know they have fantastic imaginations, I just need to allow them time to use them.

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