Saturday, 22 June 2013

Did You Say Cake??

I like to bake...a lot, actually I LOVE to bake. To the point that if I didn't I'm 100% sure I'd be about 10kg lighter. I also like to decorate said baking. I need to have about 20 more kids so I can make all the cakes I want to make! I even sold some of my cakes for about a year or so.

I thought I'd share with you a few (dozen) cakes I've made over the years. There are A LOT more but this is enough overload. (you'll have to excuse the bad photos, some of these are pretty old).

I started out pretty basic, with good old Woman's Weekly cakes and progressed on to more involved ones, like the Superhero cake and my sister's Topsy Turvy wedding cake!

 mmm, choc caramel swirl cupcakes.

 "over the hill 51" cupcakes...geddit??

 lemon meringue cupcakes

 Princess cake, my Oma's fav.

 This one was rainbow inside too =)

 This one was so much fun!
 This was too!
Well I don't know about you, but I'm off to find myself a piece of cake....

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Flower Power!

We decided to do some flower arranging as a quick after school activity this afternoon.

Enough to brighten anyone's day =)

Sunday, 16 June 2013


We celebrated my babies 3rd birthday this week! THREE!!! Not my baby anymore =(

 (just out of bed!)
 it was IMPOSSIBLE to not get a blurry photo of her running through her birthday banner!

I made her a "Betty Doll" at her request.

birthday muffin before the movie

 proud of my big girl =D

Hubby took the day off and we went to the movies to see "The Croods" while Chloe was at school. Eva had a special lunch (chips!) then we went down to the school to see Chloe get a Merit Certificate.
That evening we had family over for coffee and cake.
We had a little Teddy Bear's Picnic party this weekend, but that's another post.....

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Playtime: Moon Sand!

We had a stay at home day, Eva and I.
It called for some homemade fun! So we made some moon sand!!

You can dig in it,

 Roll it with a rolling pin,
Or squish it into cupcakes!
Eva had so much fun (and I did too!) When you squash it together it holds its shape, but it also crumbles.
Plus, it's SO much cheaper to make it!
(bunny ears while playing optional ;))

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Long Weekending!

Beware! This is a super photo heavy post!!
We just had a long weekend here in Western Australia, for WA day. Chloe had a pupil free day on the Friday and hubby had an RDO on the Friday too. Four day wekkend!!!

We went to the zoo...

Had cheese damper with roast tomato, lentil and corn soup for lunch....

Went for a walk along the Swan River and saw some dolphins...

Had curry with homemade naan bread for dinner...
Visited a plant nursery and fed the crazy giant fish...

The girls picked a little succulent to plant in pots for in their bedrooms...
Had sticky date cupcakes with caramel icing for morning tea

Did some gardening...

And had homemade bread with homemade hommus and fresh beetroot and apple juice. 

Seemed to be a very foodie weekend! Hope you all had a great long or short weekend! :)