Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Perspective and Reserving Judgement.

Well after my little whinge from Monday it's going a little easier here. I totally accept that we'll have bad days and good days, it just feels good to get it out of my head and into words sometimes =)

But anyway, I met the most amazing woman today. I was lining up to pick up a layby. I had Lyra in the sling and she had just woken up. A woman came up behind me and started chatting to me about how cute Lyra was. She had a pram, but I couldn't see into it. After making some comment about how Lyra was cute when she wasn't crying the woman moved her pram forward telling me her baby doesn't cry. I looked into the pram and in it was one of those "real" looking babies, all dressed up in a little fluffy bunny onesie. Now I will admit I never quite got those dolls, I couldn't think why anyone would ever want one. I continued to chat to the woman for a bit. I notice that she had scars on her arms, she looked like she had been a cutter. I then heard the woman talking to the other lady that she was with. She said, I wish I could have a baby again. She told her how she had a baby once, and that the baby died. The baby would be seven now. I heard something about the baby being born with an infection of some sort. Hearing this brought tears to my eyes. I finished at the counter and took Lyra out of the sling and was about to put her in the pram. I stopped. I turned to the woman and asked if she would like a cuddle. She said yes please. Lyra even gave her a gummy smile. I know giving her Lyra to have a cuddle is a very small gesture, but I'm glad that at least it made her smile. When she finished she went off to look at the baby clothes for her new baby that was coming from America that she had told me cries and you need to feed it. 
It just goes to show that you just never know someones story. That doll obviously made the woman more at ease in life. It was definitely a lesson to me about how lucky and blessed I am to have three happy little girls. It also taught me to not judge. I hope and pray that she gets her wish, that sometime in the future she gets her chance again to have a child. It will be a very loved and cherished child. 

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  1. I'm so glad things are better! I've had sick/teething kids who've been driving me crazy and tonight it seems like it has passed. Phew.
    Wow to the lady... you're right that every one has a story. Hers sounds like a difficult one. :(