Monday, 21 January 2013


Yesterday I picked up my mum and we went for a drive to some swings. Half way there there were monarch butterflies flying EVERYWHERE! I mean there were 100's flying around. My mum is a kindy teacher and had looked into monarch butterflies to have them hatch in her classroom. So she knew they liked milkweed and the roadside was covered in milkweed. So we pulled over and got the girls out to have a look. It was awesome! Fat little yellow, white and black striped caterpillars all over the place. So after poking them and looking at some dead butterflies on the ground we decided to take some caterpillars home. We dug up some milkweed plants and popped them in a bag. Now we have some hungry, hungry caterpillars in a fish tank. Fingers crossed they turn into butterflies =D

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  1. Gorgeous! What a great experience. T