Sunday, 10 March 2013

I won! I won!

So a friend of mine keeps winning things. Anything from tickets to a local show to a $400 gift card! Her secret.....ENTER EVERYTHING!! It takes you what 5 seconds to enter and really what have you got to lose. So I took her advice and you know what, it's working! I was super lucky enough to win two kids patterns from Petite Kids Boutique. I chose the London Pants and the Bella Blouse. Go check her out at super cute designs! That was courtesy of the amazing Jess over at (P.S. that girl is AMAZING!!). I can't wait to try them out! Then I won an "I love trees" tee from! Can't argue with that! Let's hope this winning streak continues!!

(All totally my opinions, I just love these shops/blogs!)


  1. You are absolutely awesome. So busy and still devoted to do more. You are such an inspiration.

    1. First comment....EVER!! Thank you so so so so much! Means a lot to know that someone is reading!!