Friday, 15 March 2013


So I decided a few months ago I wanted to go back to study...for the third time!

I have a degree in Psychology and Justice Studies and other than working in the local Magistrates Court for a few years I don't use it. Hubby tells me I use the psych all the time because I read into people, but I don't realize I'm doing it. Then when my eldest was 1 1/2 I decided to go back to study law! I surprisingly got in and absolutely LOVED it but after a semester and some soul searching I decided that I could never meet the demands of being a lawyer. My family come first for me. I don't think I could do the work/home juggle I get the guilts way too much and way too bad for that (by the way I totally admire women that do it, I'm just a different sort of person).

That brings it to a few months ago. As I've said my eldest is now full time school, and my youngest is due to start part time school next year. Add to that there is a new library being built a 10 minute drive, 20 min bus ride or a 30 min bike ride away. I love book, I love reading and I love libraries! So after a bit of online searching I found It's an online uni that offers courses from Universities all over Australia, completely. online. PERFECT! They offer a Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies. Again PERFECT! I didn't expect to get in being a post grad degree, but I did! So one year of study, some prac and I can be a librarian. Just when both my kids start full time school!
I'm a bit scared, it's a whole new part of my life about to begin. One that I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to start, but I gotta do it some time or another!
So wish me luck! At least I have until August to prepare myself! (I missed the cutoff for start at the beginning of this year)

Edited. I think I might change my start date to next year. Then I get the whole last year with Eva at home before she starts school. :)

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