Friday, 16 August 2013

Rainbow Quilt.

Chloe's teacher is having a baby. She ended up finishing at the end of last term even though she isn't due until September because she, unfortunately, has had some problems. Baby is all healthy and growing nicely though :)

So I thought I would make her a quilt for bub. She isn't finding out the sex, so I thought rainbow colours would be perfect. I went with a chevron pattern, it's my favourite one to make!

I put  strip of rainbow onto the back as well to make it big enough. It breaks up the blue nicely I think :)

I am really, really not very good at making quilts :/ BUT I really, really enjoy it! So what they lack in workmanship, they make up for in love and joy!

I very nearly kept this one for myself, I just LOVE rainbow colours!!

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