Tuesday, 6 January 2015

School holiday fun (a hopefully series!)

Well since it's the summer holidays in Australia I thought I might do a few quick posts for things to do with kids. Mainly quick and simple at home type stuff so you can enjoy a coffee while their occupied! 

I'm not sure where I saw this, when I find the source I'll put up the link. 
First I opened up one of Lyra's nappies (clean!). The original idea just used a normal nappy which didn't sit well with me, but luckily we use Eco nappies so I felt a bit better about letting the kids play with it. It was also a broken one, the tabs were missing so I otherwise would've chucked it, so it's kinda recycling right? 

Empty the contents into a bowl and add water! You will not BELIEVE how much that stuff sucks up! I wish I had've measured it, but it would've been at least 3L. Keep adding water til it's goopy, then give it to the kids! I added some glitter and got out some little toys to play in it with. It's kinda like snow, so if you have Frozen obsessed kiddies it's great! I'm going to just sprinkle it around the garden when they're done as a water saving granule too.

And that's it! Enjoy your cuppa! :)

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