Saturday, 18 May 2013

Awesome Printables Around...

I've come across so many adorable free printables lately that I thought I'd share some of my favourites.

Disney alphabet printables. on These are so cute! Each letter has a Disney character! I've printed out the letters for my girls names, but I really want to do the whole alphabet!

Adorable games and activities for littlies from There's a star match game, ladybug number match, bumblebee size order. Just so many to choose from! has these beautiful quotes. Perfect for framing and putting on the wall! I especially love the "Hello Sunshine"!

This one is in Norwegian, but you can translate or just print the pics! They are beautiful sewing cards. I haven't printed these yet because I need to get some nice thick card so they last a bit longer!
p.s. I'm a little in love with this blog in general!

This very clever lady has turned famous artworks into colouring pages! I love this idea! Perfect excuse to take a trip to your local art gallery and do some colouring in as an activity when you get home!

Well I hope these will keep you busy for awhile! Some great quick fun for a lazy Sunday!

(None of these are my own, so huge kudos to the very talented people that created all of the above printables! Share the love :)

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