Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Routine

Been a bit quiet on here of late! Eva, my youngest, has just dropped her day sleep :O so there is a lot less time to do much of anything really! I haven't sewn in a week and a half and it's killing me. I do have a few already finished projects that I will be posting soon and hopefully a little pattern and mini tutorial to go with it.

We've been enjoying the cooler weather the past two weeks though. Except last week when Eva and I got caught in a hail storm on the school run....by caught in I mean literally. We walk every day to and from school so we were outside when it started . Let's say it was a little scary and a little painful.

Hope you're enjoying the in-between season which ever hemisphere you are in =)


  1. Ouch to getting caught in a hail storm! My eldest is at kinder. My 3 yr old doesn't nap but she is good at playing in her room, reading, doing something quietly so when 1 yr old has his nap, I usually get some sewing done ... otherwise its after they are all in bed and too late into the night! :)
    Hope you work out a new routine soon.

    1. Thank you! We are slowly getting there! It's only taken nearly 2 months!! :/