Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I am totally and utterly physically, mentally and emotionally EXHAUSTED! My eldest has just started school full time. So getting up and getting ready and walking to school is tiring, and I go for a run 3 mornings a week. That's the physical part.

My baby is full time school! My youngest goes next year. My oma (grandmother) is in hospital. My dad is unhappy at work. My sister has gallstones and will very probably need surgery with two little boys and a husband who can't take time off work. Every month I convince myself that I'm pregnant even though its not even a possibility and we aren't going to have more kids! That's the emotional part!

I'm trying to do my application for postgrad study with very little noteworthy accomplishments since I graduated with my BA. Plus worrying about all the above is part if the mental exhaustion!

Oh and I'm not eating properly because basically I can't be bothered, and that's totally my own fault.

GAH! Totally pooped! I think I need a glass of wine and some Glee tonight! Sorry for the downer :(

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