Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hexen House (Gingerbread House) Party!

Ever since my sister and I were little, we have decorated a Hexen House for Christmas. My Grandmother (Oma) was German so it was always a Hexen House, not a Gingerbread House ;)
As we got older and had our own kids we kept decorating our Hexen Houses at my house instead. 
This year I decided that it might be nice to share our tradition with some of Chloe's friends from school. So we invited 3 of her friends and a little sister for Eva to decorate with! 
 All set up, with Christmas Carols playing in the background of course!

 I didn't have enough squeezy bottles for the icing, so some kids had zip lock bags with the corners cut off. Worked really well!
The finished product!
The kids all had a ball and it was really nice to get to have a chat with the school mums. I'm not very good at socializing but I really enjoyed it! Afterwards the kids went out the back and played on the swings going a bit sugar rush crazy. They were all such good kids and super well behaved! I think we might have started a new tradition...

What Christmas traditions do you have? 


  1. I LOVE this idea! My girls would have a blast decorating the house and yes, it's also a good idea to socialise with the mum's cause it's always hard during pick up/drop off. Might have to do this next year when both of my daughters are at school and kinder. :)

    1. It was seriously fun! Definitely give it a go =)