Thursday, 5 December 2013

Middle Earth Two!!

FINALLY! I can actually upload my photos! My connection has been terrible lately, so uploading these took me around... 2 weeks! These are the rest of the South Island photos from NZ. Hopefully it won't take me as long to get the North Island ones up!

Elephant Rocks aka NARNIA!!
It was windy and freeeeezing, but the girls had a ball climbing every rock in sight.

This was in Oamaru. I think that was one of our fav places, we stayed two nights so it was a little more relaxed.
We stayed right next to Oamaru Botanic Gardens which had the most awesome swings!

 That is a seal on the beach!
 We got to see the Blue Penguins too.

After Oamaru was Christchurch. The city center was like a warzone.
As amazing as it was, it was a little depressing.

 Mountain. Road. Ocean.

 It was beautiful!
I was pretty worried taking the ferry across the Cook Straight. Boats and I do NOT mix! It was surprisingly fine. I think it helped that it was more like a ship! 

Next was Wellington on the North Island and Weta Workshop...AMAZING!!!

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