Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekending: Boy oh Boy is it SUMMER!!!

Oh my gosh is it summer! We are in the middle of a heatwave here in Perth. Over 35C for about a week. I don't think any day this past week has been under 38C! So we've been trying to get out in the mornings, then hibernate for the afternoon.
 There's been a lot of this...
 Birthday parties...
 Watching out strawberries grow...
 This is Gloria and Manny =)
 Frangipani's are about to bloom!
 At home salad bars for dinner!
 Evening walks...
 And morning ones too. LOVE those Australian Christmas trees!
 Early ice coffee in Freo.
THIS is summer! A box of mangoes for only $15!
 A bit of crafty in the air-conditioning.
 Some taffy making for teacher's Christmas presents.
And a bit of painting to finish the weekend up...almost, the girls jumped in the pool afterwards!

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