Sunday, 3 November 2013

Middle Earth (New Zealand) Part the first! (warning photo heavy post!)

At the end of September we all jumped on a plane to go to New Zealand!! We stopped off in Sydney for a few days to break the flight up. These photos take us to half way through the south island. Seriously we could do this trip 3 or 4 more times and not do the same thing twice! We did so, so much, but missed so much too!

Sydney was HOT! Around 36C in Spring! It was a bit of a heatwave.

Flying into Queenstown. I will never. ever. forget this landing. Flying in amongst all the snow capped mountains. It was just breathtaking.
Down the road from our apartment. It was freeeezing!
You can't really tell just how steep our street was!

Never in my life have I actually been ABOVE a rainbow!

First time in the snow for the girls. They absolutely LOVED it!

I could not get over the beauty of this country! Queenstown was a favourite for both myself and hubby.
We didn't stay in one place for more than 2 nights. And no accomodation was pre-booked except 2 nights in Queenstown when we arrived. After our stay in Dunedin we learnt very quickly that as soon as there is free wi-fi book accomodation at least 2 nights ahead!
Cadbury chocolate factory in Dunedin.
Moeraki boulders were amazing.
Next stop was Christchurch which was just amazing but also very depressing....

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