Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Love/Hate Relationship

So I REEEEALLY want to sew right now. I have oodles of half finished projects as well as a bazillion more floating around in my head and on the various bits of paper almost covering my desk. There is, however, a problem. Not a big problem, just one that is enough of a problem that I can't sew right now. This "problem" can be the most useful of all my sewing paraphernalia, but right now it is about as useful as teeth on a duck. It is folks, my over-locker (or serger depending where you hail from).

It is currently sitting on my sewing desk taunting me with it's variety of un-threaded needles.I think I've re-threaded it 6 times...today...and it's only 2pm. You see this particular over-locker is literally as old as I am. My mum used it to make clothes for my sister and I on it when we were kids. Then my husband, bless him, got it serviced and gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago (with my mum's permission of course!). And I. Loved. It. I could sew with stretch fabrics without the stitching snapping as soon as it was pulled over someones head. I could finish off the edges in my cotton fabrics with that oh so professional look. And I still love it, it's awesome! It's pre-loved, it has meaning, but when that sucker comes un-threaded, well then you can damn that thing to the pits of Tartarus! (yup I'm a bit of a greek mythology geek ;)

You see for some reason unbeknownst to all of humankind you can't re-thread this machine without taking the whole thing apart! Seriously you need, tweezers, pliers and a screwdriver! Well not a screwdriver anymore because the screw snapped so I need to use the pliers to unscrew it. And I swear the eye is the smallest eye...ever. So, I re-thread the stupid thing, do a test run then start to sew.....threads all snap. Repeat process....snap....repeat process.....SNAP! So right now I give up (this is day 3 of "repeat process"). It just will not co-operate!

That pile of to dos will just have to stay undone for a little bit longer...

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