Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lovely Lemony Goodness!

Facebook is a wonderful thing isn't it? I "like" a group on there called Freecycle, and through this page another page was born after a few people were asking about swapping fruit and veggies that are grown in the backyard. This page is called Food Swap Perth. The idea is if you have any surplus of fruit or veggies or herbs from your veggie garden you post on this page what you have and what area you're in. Then others can come along and say "Hey you've got lots of lemons, I've got lots of basil do you want to do a swap?"
BRILLIANT! I think it's such a great thing. I know there are a few things I cannot for the life of me grow (ahem lettuce) and others that just go nuts to the point where I can't possibly use it all!

The reason I'm telling you this (other than if you live locally go and join!!) is the other week I did a swap. It was rather exciting! I gave a huge bunch of basil and some thyme and received a bag of lemons. My poor lemon tree is just not a happy camper and has one lone, very green lemon on it :(

I have all sorts of plans for these lovely lemons. So far I have made lemon and poppy seed muffins, a lemon tart that I took to my mum and dad's house yesterday for morning tea, and used the leftovers to clean my very dirty microwave! Have you ever tried that? Put some lemons that have been juiced, so it's just the scraps, in a bowl with a bit of water. Put the bowl in the microwave for around one minute and leave the door closed for another few minutes when it's finished. When you open the door the lemon steam should have softened all the baked in muck from the sides of your microwave! All you need to do is wipe it out with a damp cloth. Added bonus: lemon scented microwave!

The big lemon tart was devoured before I got a chance to take a pic, this is a little one I made as there was too much mixture for just one! Recipe found here. It was delicious and devoured in a very short period of time!

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