Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Princess Peplum

This is the next of my "head start sewing'!
I am so in love with this fabric! I found a couple of fat quarters of Lizzy House Castle Peeps at Big W (I know! crazy!) a while ago. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, especially as they were fat quarters. So into my (extensive) fat quarter stash they went.

Then I came across this tutorial over at Max California, and fell in love! So I drafted my own top in a similar way to Max. The Peplum isn't at fluffy and the sleeves just came out as sleeveless but I still kinda love it!

I lined it in a pale yellow and white stripe. I'm yet to perfect my lined work. I'm slowly getting better though! Practice, practice, practice! Not to mention my gathering :/

I'm totally loving the huge buttons on the back. I'm thinking it will be great from now through winter with a long sleeve tee, leggings and boots. Then through to spring again with a pair of shorts!

Will Eva go for it? Coz it is a dress...right??

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