Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Winter Wardrobe Part 1

My youngest loves dresses. She also likes skirts, and she likes pink. If you pick out her clothes for the day and the outfit isn't all of those things she. is. not. happy. So I thought I'd get a head start on sewing up some long sleeve dresses in more winter friendly fabrics so as to avoid arguments in the coming cooler months.(not that we need it 33C today! sheesh!)

This is the first of my head start sewing!! I grabbed a couple of cheap fleecy sweaters to make a sweater dress using the tutorial over at Prudent Baby. I changed it up a bit using kid sized sweaters instead of an oversize adult one.
Then I used some polar fleece for the pockets. It turned out pretty cute, but was missing something. So I used a heart foam sticker stamp (a foam sticker stuck to a milk bottle lid) and some fabric paint to print a design across the top part of the dress. After I made this one the ladies at Prudent Baby also put up a tutorial specifically to make these for kids!

Because I'd made one for my eldest too I decided to make some track pants with the leftover sleeves and some scrap jersey fabric I had. Hopefully I can convince her to wear them when it's really cold :/

Have you done any sewing or buying for winter yet? The weather Australia wide doesn't seem to know what it's doing at the moment though!

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